comparative 1

اذهب الى الأسفل

comparative 1

مُساهمة  Mehdi alami في الجمعة ديسمبر 15, 2006 4:20 am

A) We use than after comparatives(older than .../ more expensive than ... etc.):

  • İstanbul is older than Rome
  • Are oranges more expensive than bananas?
  • It's easier to phone than to write a letter.
  • "How are you today?" Not bad. Better than yesterday.
  • The restaurant is more crowded than usual.

B) We say: than me / than him / than her / than us / than them. You can say:

  • I can run faster than him. or I can faster than he can.
  • You are a better singer than me. or You are a better singer than i am.
  • I got up earlier than her. or I got up earlier than she did.

C) more less than ...

  • A: How much did your shoes cost? $30?
    B: No, more than that. (=more than $30)
  • The film was very short - less than an hour.
  • They've got more money than they need.
  • You go out more than me.

D) a bit older / much older etc.





Box A is a bit bigger than box B.
Box C is much bigger than box D.

    <LI class=style20>Canada is much bigger than France.
    <LI class=style20>Jill is a bit older than Gary - she's 25 and he's 241/2
    <LI class=style20>The hotel was much more expensive than I expected.
  • You go out much more than me.

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