Exercise A

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Exercise A

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Exercise A: Replace the underlined words with a form of DO. Write the answer on the line at the end of the sentence. Try to figure out which definition is illustrated by each sentence.

1. Mary said she had to set her hair before the dance. __________________________

2. Jim was tired after working a double shift in the factory. _________________________

3. The gymnast performed a complicated flip in her dismount from the high bar. __________________

4. That second piece of pie was enough to satisfy me. ________________________

5. Will space exploration bring about good or evil? ________________________

6. The citizens paid homage to the aging former president. _________________________

7. The veterinarian asked the couple how their new puppy was feeling. _____________________

8. Mr. Harris loved to barbecue chicken on the grill. _______________________

9. Bob's mother said he couldn't go out until he finished his homework, ________________________

10. I used to prepare my own taxes. __________________________

The verb DO is over-used by many English-speaking people. Here are some sentences that would be more accurate or more interesting if a verb other than DO were used.

1. The cowboy who had been shot said to his partner, "I'm done for. Go on without me."

2. Harold's wife complained, "Are you still doing those taxes?"

3. Are the steaks done yet?

4. My old car can only do 45 uphill.

5. After completing the five-mile run, Jack said, "That will do it for me."

6. Alicia does her nails every other day.

7. Harry did a crossword puzzle before work every day.

8. Mark's band does mostly classic rock songs.

9. Jane does her laundry at night when the laundromat is almost empty.

10. My friend thought I did her wrong when I didn't invite her to my party.

Exercise B: Rewrite each of the sentences above using a verb other than DO in its various forms. Be careful to keep the same meaning as the original sentence. You may have to change other words as well.

1. ___________________________________________________________________

2. ___________________________________________________________________

3. ___________________________________________________________________

4. ___________________________________________________________________

5. ___________________________________________________________________

6. ___________________________________________________________________

7. ___________________________________________________________________

8. ____________________________________________________________________________

9. ____________________________________________________________________________

10. __________________________________________________________________

Exercise C: Cross out the incorrect form of DO in the following sentences.

1. John hopes that he (does) (has done) better on the next test.

2. The kangaroo (is doing) (do) amusing tricks in the show.

3. Serena (does) (did) all her chores last night.

4. The girl on the bicycle (has done) (have done) well in the contest

5. It (do) (does) me good to watch my children play happily.

6. Sixty more bricks (will do) (will doing) to complete the wall.

Examination: Fill the blanks in the following sentences with a form of the verb DO.

1. We ended the camping trip because the rain, the mud and the insects finally _______ it for us.

2. The doctor asked the sobbing little boy how he was __________.

3. You must at least ___________your mother-in-law the courtesy of being polite.

4. Greta ___________a turkey when the oven blew up.

5. After Anna had been crying and stamping her feet for three minutes, her father told her firmly, "That _____________, young lady! Sit down now!"

6. The chattering squirrel in the tree _____________the same thing today as it had done yesterday.

7. William was glad he _____________his homework before going to the dance.

8. Girls usually ________________better than boys in spelling bees.

9. The college student ______________much research before beginning the term paper.

10, This lesson is finally _______________.

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