Relative clauses

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Relative clauses

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Relative clauses

Exercise 1

Choose the correct answer .

1 The car, __________ is grey, belongs to Youssef. (which/who/whose)

2 Ito, __________ is a Japanese engineer, works for World Computers. (which/who/whose)

3 Pierre , __________ is a talented cook, lives in Lyon. (which/who/whose)

4 Do you see those cats __________ are lying on the sofa? (which/who/whose)

5 Does she know the girl __________ father is a nurse? (which/who/whose)

6 Did I tell you about the man __________ eats four kilogrammes of apples in twenty minutes? (which/who/whose)

7The girls __________ we met yesterday at Janes’ birthday party are very boastful. (which/who/whose)

Exercise 2

Choose the correct answer .

1 A mall is a building __________ you can do your shopping. (who/where/which)

2 A night is the time of a day __________ it is dark outside. (when/who/where)

3 A cookery book is a book __________ you can look up recipes. (which/when/where)

4 A pickpocket is a person __________ steals purses from pockets and bags. (who/where/which)

5 Carnivores are animals __________ live on meat. (who/where/which)

6 An acronym is a word __________ is the opposite of another word. (which/where/when)

7 Winter is the season of the year __________ it rains heavily. (where/when/who)

Exercise 3

Join the pairs of sentences with who or which .

1 The woman was sick. She looked very pale.

2 Some people were waiting in the emergency room. It was very crowded.

3 The doctor called a nurse. She came quickly.

4 The doctor gave the patient an injection. It made her fall asleep.

5 The Olympic Games were exciting. Many people watched them live on TV.

6 Youssef and Hind spent their holiday in Dover. Dover is in the south of Great Britain.

7 Arthur Conan Doyle was born in Scotland. He wrote the Sherlock Holmes stories.

Exercise 4

Complete the sentences using who and which .

8 A freezer is a thing (freeze food and water).

9 A DJ is someone (play music in a disco).

10 A bee is an insect (make honey).

11 An apple is a fruit (be yellow or red and sweet).

12 A Dutch is a person (come from the Netherlands).

13 A caoch is a vehicle (carry people from a town to another town).

14 A salesperson is someone (work in a shop).

Exercise 5

Complete the sentences using whose and which

1 I saw the man __________ car you damaged.

2 He went back to live in the house __________ stood on the corner in Regent Avenue.

3 He couldn't remember __________ movie by Steven Spielberg he had seen.

4 That's the man __________ wife works with my wife in National Bank.

5 The woman __________ dog bit you is a police officer.

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